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Expert Group Meeting

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Progress in Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the ESCWA Region: A Gender Lens

Since their adoption in 2000, gender experts criticized the MDG for their failure to adequately include a gender component in their goals, targets and indicators.  In addition to reducing...

Expert Group Meeting on Youth and Poverty Alleviation

Promoting Best Practices on Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in the ESCWA Region

In December 2009, ESCWA organized an Expert Group Meeting on Adopting the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach for Promoting Rural Development in the ESCWA Region. The meeting, which was attended by...

Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance

The ICT Division of ESCWA and the League of Arab States have jointly organized the expert groups meeting on "Regional...

Strengthening Good Governance Practices in Conflict Afflicted Countries: Current Priorities and Future Interventions

Good governance remains a critical ingredient for socio-economic development as well as for peacebuilding. In light of the development challenges facing Western Asia, in conflict affected...

EGM Expert Group Meeting on Best Practices and Measures for Promoting Renewable Energy Applications in the ESCWA Region

EGM on Compilation and Analysis of Energy Statistics and Indicators

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing an Expert
Group Meeting in cooperation with MEDSTAT, International Energy Agency (IEA),
Harmonization of Institutional Frameworks and Legislation in the Transport Sector in the ESCWA Region


Strengthening Private Sector Resilience under Conflict: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

ESCWA's Unit for Emerging and Conflict related Issues (ECRI) is organizing, in partnership with the Lebanese Economic Association (LEA) and the consultancy firm Marker Global, a regional meeting...

EGM on Global Harmonizaton of Arabic Script Use in Domain Names

The year 2003 marked a global milestone towards...
Assessment of Trade Policy Trends in the ESCWA Region

With the aim to increase awareness on the latest developments concerning assessment of trade policy trends in member countries, ESCWA is organizing an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on "Trade Policy...

Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Land Management as a Best Practice to Enhance Rural Development in the ESCWA Region

The ESCWA region has limited fertile land that is subject to different levels of degradation. With few exceptions, it is also considered a land scarce region. Land resources are being...
Social Exclusion in the ESCWA Region

The EGM is an opportunity to discuss ESCWA's region-specific definition of social exclusion and to review the findings of its...

Expert Group Meeting on the Use of Arabic Script in Domain Names

Expert Group meeting on "The Sustainable Production and Consumption"

The meeting will be held in association with League of Arab States, United Nations Environment Programme, Federal Environmental Authority in U.A.E. ESCWA is the Co-organizer.

Expert group meeting on the Application of Indicators and Indices for Water Quality Management in the ESCWA Region

EGM on Fostering Sustainable Development through Regional Integration in the Arab Region: A Strategic Vision 2010 - 2020

Fostering Partnerships between International and Regional Private Sector ‎Institutions and their Counterparts in Crisis tricken Countries:‎ Towards a More Resilient Private Sector


UN-ESCWA is organizing an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on "Fostering Partnerships between International and Regional Private Sector Institutions and their Counterparts in Crisis...
Expert Group Meeting on Employment Policies and Economic Development in Countries Including those Emerging from Conflict (Date and Venue Tentative)

Expert Group Meeting on Economic Policy Analysis and Forecasting (Date and Venue Tentative)