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Expert Group Meeting

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Expert Group Meeting on Short Term Economic Statistics in Western Asia

Expert Group meeting on short term economic statistics in western Asia

Expert Group Meeting on Reversing Land Degradation: Issues and Options

Expert Group Meeting on Regional Urban Poverty

Expert group meeting on Regional Economic Integration among ESCWA member countries

Expert Group Meeting on Regional Dimension of the Monterrey Consensus: Financing for Development

Expert Group Meeting on Regional Cooperation for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources in the Arab Region

Within the framework of the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Socio-...

Expert Group Meeting on Prospects of Space and Satellite Technology Development in the Arab Region

Expert Group Meeting on Promotion of Digital Arabic Content (DAC)

As a follow-up on the Western Asia Preparatory Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that was held in Beirut from 4 to 6 February 2003, and culminated with the Beirut...

Expert Group Meeting on Progress Achieved Towards Sustainable Transport in the Arab Region

Expert Group Meeting on Population and Development Report, Issue n°7: Analytical framework UN House

Expert Group Meeting on Open Source Software Solutions for the Public Sector in the Arab Region

Expert Group Meeting on National Institutional Reforms for the Implementation of IWRM in the ESCWA Region

Expert Group Meeting on measuring multi-dimensional poverty using household survey microdata

Expert Group Meeting on Measuring Multi Dimensional Poverty in the Arab Region


It is widely recognized that poverty is not just about household income or (the lack of) consumption of market goods and that...

Expert Group Meeting on Measurement Issues in Labour Statistics

Although most ESCWA member countries collect and disseminate annual data on the labour force, there are still serious gaps in some internationally recommended  indicators and the...
Expert group meeting on MDG report 2011 and 7th meeting of the TWC on MDGs in the Arab region

Expert Group Meeting on Mathematical Model for the Arab Region Report 2025

Expert Group Meeting on Maritime Transport in the ESCWA Region: Prospects for Cooperation

Expert Group Meeting on Macroeconomic Policy Convergence and Regional Integration

Expert Group Meeting on Macroeconomic and Sectoral Policy Coordination and Arab Economic Integration in partnership with the Dubai Economic Council on 23-24 November 2014