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Expert Group Meeting

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Expert Group Meeting on the Advancement of Women Under War and Conflict Situations

EGM – Preparation of the Annual Review of Developments in ‎Globalization and Regional Integration in the Countries of the ESCWA ‎Region.‎

EGM Towards The Implementation of the MoU on Maritime Transport ‎Cooperation in the Arab Mashreq (The role of governments and private ‎sector in activating shipping traffic and, application of ICT in the ‎seaports of ESCWA member countries)‎

EGM on Development Under Crisis Conditions

The Expert Group Meeting on “Development Under Crisis Conditions” (Beirut, 27-28 June 2006) aimed at reaching a common understanding of the impact of conflict on socio-economic and political...

Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on New Techniques in Conducting Population and Housing Censuses

Expert Group Meeting on Challenges and Opportunities of International Migration and Development in the Arab Region

EGM on Follow-up on the Results of the WTO 6th ‎Ministerial Conference (RB)‎

EGM on the Role of Capital Markets in the Economic Development of the ESCWA Member Countries

Expert Group Meeting on the Formulation of Integrated Population Policies within the Framework of Good Governance

Expert Group Meeting on Access to Environmental Information for Public Participation in the ESCWA Countries

Expert Group Meeting on Regional Dimension of the Monterrey Consensus: Financing for Development

EGM on Adoption of Interregional Linkages between ESCWA, ECE and ESCAP

Expert Group Meeting on Adoption of Interregional Transport Linkages between ESCWA, ECE and ESCAP

EGM on Transport Facilitation for Regional Integration

Expert Group Meeting on Reversing Land Degradation: Issues and Options

ESCWA/FAO EGM on Modern Biotechnology: Technical and Policy Implications in the Middle East and North Africa

Expert Group Meeting on the Review and Analysis of the Findings of the Country Studies on Foreign Direct Investment Policies in the ESCWA Region

Expert Group Meeting on “Assessment of Progress made in the Arab Regional Integration and Inter-Regional Cooperation”

EGM for the Status of Arab Women Report 2005

Discuss the Regional report on Integrated Social Policies in Arab Countries