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Expert Group Meeting

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UNDA Expert Group Meeting to Review the Draft Modules on Climate Change Adaptation Using IWRM Tools

Expert Group Meeting on "Promoting Large-Scale Energy Efficiency Programs in the Existing Building Sector in the Arab Region"

Expert Group Meeting on New Sources of Development Finance in the Arab Region

The overall objective of the EGM was to find out new financial means and ways to raise financial resources for development in the Arab region with the chief aim of enhancing the productivity...

EGM on transport and trade logistics in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry of Transport

EGM on Prospects of Space and Satellite Technology Development in the Arab Region

Expert Group Meeting to Review the Draft Population and Development Report, Issue n.7: Overcoming Population Vulnerability to Water Scarcity in the Arab Region


Promoting Food and Water Security through Cooperation and Capacity Development in the Arab Region: First Coordination Meeting of the Project

ESCWA organized the first coordination meeting of the Project as a first opportunity for potential partners to get acquainted with the project details and discuss modalities of...

Innovation and technology for advancing the knowledge-based economy in the Arab region

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) revolution which began nearly two...
Expert Group Meeting to Review the Draft 2015 Situation Report on International Migration: Migration, Displacement and Development in a Changing Arab Region

Methodology for Mainstreaming Appropriate Green Technology Initiatives in Rural Areas of the Arab Region

Within the context of its work on sustainable energy the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia organized a two-day expert group meeting (EGM) on "Methodology for...

Expert Group Meeting on the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region


Expert Group Meeting on Population and Development Report, Issue n°7: Analytical framework UN House

Expert Group Meeting on Macroeconomic and Sectoral Policy Coordination and Arab Economic Integration in partnership with the Dubai Economic Council on 23-24 November 2014


Security Sector Transformation in Arab Transitions: Working for Change

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and the Carnegie Middle East Centre held an expert group meeting on Security Sector Transformation in Arab...

Expert Group Meeting on "Child Marriage in Humanitarian Settings in the Arab Region: Dynamics, Challenges and Policy Options”, in partnership with UNFPA


Expert Group Meeting on the Impact of the Crisis in Syria on MDGs and Launch of the "Cost of conflict in Syria: The impact on the economy and MDG goals"

The report was prepared jointly by ESCWA staff and experts working on UN-ESCWA’s National Agenda for the Future of Syria Programme.

The event will commence with a presentation of the...

Expert Group Meeting for Review and Validation of the Arab Regional Report on Beijing+20

Expert group meeting on "Arab Women and Access to Justice - From Ratification to Implementation of International Instruments"

Expert Group Meeting on Measuring Multi Dimensional Poverty in the Arab Region


It is widely recognized that poverty is not just about household income or (the lack of) consumption of market goods and that...

Expert group meeting "Measuring Economic Governance in the Context of National Development Planning"

Within its regular work programme, the Economic Governance and Planning Section at UNESCWA/EDGD will undertake a series of activities on the topic of "Measuring Economic...