The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in the Arab Region - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
1 November 2022-1 August 2024
Event series

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in the Arab Region

  • UN-House, Beirut
Contact information
  • Dr. Mehrinaz El Awady, Director - Cluster Leader Gender Justice, Population and Inclusive Development
  • 00961981301

In preparation for the Beijing +30 review, scheduled for late 2024, ESCWA is supporting Arab Governments in preparing their national and regional reports on progress made in implementing the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA), and meeting their commitments to advance the status of women as outlined in the Arab Declaration on Progress in the Implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action after 25 years.

This project capitalizes on the momentum created during the Beijing +25 review to address structural inequalities and systematic discrimination against women. It facilitates dialogue between national and regional bodies to highlight and evaluate progress and unpack the challenges that hinder the adoption and realization of BPfA principles. The project focuses on Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the State of Palestine and Tunisia, bringing them together to help identify and address national priorities by providing technical assistance and promoting different tools and approaches for monitoring and advancing gender equality.

The ESCWA Index Stimulator for Policymakers in the Arab Region tool is being showcased to help countries monitor and evaluate their standing on global gender equality indices. Through this project, ESCWA, in partnership with UN Women, supports national women machineries in adopting measures to localize global norms, mobilize civil society organizations and lobby with Governments to reform their existing legislation in compliance with the BPfA.

The review process is an opportunity to raise awareness and introduce change among the different governmental and non-governmental actors. As countries exchange experiences, this engagement can bring about national change, the localization of the BPfA strategic areas and the realization of its principles, advancing gender equality in the Arab region.


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