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Committee on Transport and Logistics, 17th Session

Cairo, Egypt
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The 17th session of the Committee on Transport and Logistics was held in Egypt during 23-24 January 2017.

The meeting reviewed the progress in ESCWA’s transport related activities since the 16th session of the committee which was held in Cairo during 23-24 November 2016 and the level of implementation of the recommendations of the session.
The meeting also reviewed several papers related to transport and logistics in the Arab region including:
1. The role of transport in connectivity to GVCs,
2. The electronic platform for following up on the ITSAM components in the Arab region,
3. Maritime transport in the Arab region,
4. The role of land transport within the multimodal logistics chain,
5. Transport and SDGs and the outcomes of the International Conference on transport sustainability (Ashgabat 26-27 November 2017).
The programme also included a joint session between ESCWA and IRU on the benefits of joining international transport agreements.