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SME Digital Enabling Portal for the Arab Region (DEPAR)

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Beirut, Lebanon

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are an important factor and engine in national economic development for they contribute to sustainable growth and employment generation in a significant manner. Based on this, ESCWA is planning to establish a web portal named SME Digital Enablers Portal (SME-DEPAR) for the Arab region to further support SMEs.
The portal will be an interactive online platform that aims to address the needs of member countries by providing updated information especially those related to setting up business, national legislations, sources of funding, capacity building for entrepreneurs and ease of access to foreign markets.
Accordingly, a consultative meeting is to be convened at the UN House in Beirut to identify the key functionalities and content of the web portal. Key stakeholders including experts and government officials responsible for SMEs will present their national private sector’s status, initiatives and will provide consultations, needs assessment and suggested specifications for the portal.

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