21 October 2021

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Evidence-based Policies and Programmes for Advancing Efficiency of Natural Resources in Mashreq Countries

  • Online

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia is organizing an expert group meeting to discuss the first draft of a recently produced a report on “Evidence-based policies and programs for advancing efficiency of natural resources in Mashreq countries”. This report assesses the progress on a broad range of SCP indicators at the regional, sub-regional and national levels, highlights gaps and provides country-specific recommendations. It also aims at providing a background on trends, challenges, progress, and leading practice on SCP in the 6 Arab Mashreq countries, namely Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.


For this expert group meeting, ESCWA will invite national experts from the six targeted countries, as well as international experts, all to provide their professional feedback, which will be integrated to enrich the report and validate the outcomes, and discuss the way forward.

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