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Promoting Best Practices on Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in the ESCWA Region


In December 2009, ESCWA organized an Expert Group Meeting on Adopting the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach for Promoting Rural Development in the ESCWA Region. The meeting, which was attended by 32 experts from various countries of the region, aimed to allow participants to better understand the importance of livelihood approaches to rural development, to assess its comparative advantage with regard to other approaches as well as to assess obstacles to its adoption and implementation. During the meeting, participants were able to exchange experiences on viable options for promoting SLA and to propose recommendations in support of adopting this approach for sustainable rural development in the region. Among the recommendations made was the need to maintain the communication flow, to validate SLA guidelines that focus on practical aspects and to produce an informative guide that would highlight practical applications of SLA to promote rural development in the ESCWA region.

Thus, in order to further knowledge sharing, ESCWA is organizing this Expert Group Meeting (EGM) entitled "Promoting Best Practices on Sustainable rural Livelihoods in the ESCWA Region," from 24 – 25 November 2010 at the UN House, Beirut, Lebanon. The aim of the EGM will be to further the understanding and clarification of a regional perspective on SLA and to discuss a guide that ESCWA is preparing in order to enrich it with the views of experts together with examples, case-studies and projects from the region. During the meeting, most of the debates should revolve around the modalities of how to use SLA for programme planning and implementation based on specific case-studies, examples orprojects where SLA was applied willingly or not so as to highlight the difficulties involved with SLA and come up with a common and critical regional view and/or perspective on how to use SLA in development. The intention will be to tell a story of how SLA could be put into practice in the region based on differing views and different experiences.
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