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Training Workshop on Short Term Statistics

Tunis, Tunisia
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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), in collaboration with the Institut National de la Statistique (INS) in Tunisia, is organizing a training workshop on Short Term Economic Statistics during 14-17 November, 2016 in Tunis, Tunisia, in the context of implementation of the development account project that aims at strengthening capacities of member countries in the production and dissemination of Short Term Economics Statistics.
The objective of this workshop is to train producers of short term statistics (STSs) from National Statistical Offices on data collection and calculation methodologies according to international recommendations by specialists in a number of areas of short-term economic statistics. 

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Methodological Recommendations for the Compilation of the Index Numbers of Industrial Production (IIP)
Quarterly GDP estimates-ESCWA
Methodology for Producing Quarterly GDP in Tunisia (Arabic)
Introducing Turnover Indices - INSEE Expert
Methodology of Short-term Business Statistics


Regional Guidelines on Short-Term Statistics Based on Selected ESCWA Member Countries

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