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Management of Service Provisions Under Crisis Conditions (Follow-up) Workshop

Amman, Jordan
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Target Group: Selected middle managers from the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW) who participated in the initial workshop on "Service Provision Under Crisis Conditions: The Case of Water, Sanitation and Service Delivery" and who succeeded in implementing related projects.
Expected outputs: 20 middle managers trained on best practices in Service Provision Under Crisis Conditions
In partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) - Iraq, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing a three-day follow-up workshop on Service Provision Under Crisis Conditions in Amman, Jordan from 22 till 24 March 2008.
Part of the "Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works" in Iraq program, the follow-up workshop is the second phase of the preliminary initiative implemented in November 2007 and consisting in introducing around 60 middle managers from the Iraqi Public administration to the procedures and skills of service delivery in challenging and risk affected settings.  The participants were tasked of identifying and implementing an initiative within their respective work environments for a period of three months and depicting challenges faced as well as the intiative’s success and shortcomings successes.
Further to a selection process based on the review and appraisal of reports submitted to ESCWA by the participants, the follow-up workshop is expected to host 20 participants who will be tasked with presenting their projects and lessons learned from this experience.  This workshop will facilitate establish best practices in this field and provide participants with additional material to better address challenges faced by the Iraqi public administration in unstable and uncertain situations.
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