Meteorological services supporting agriculture - ESCWA
6-7 December 2021
Expert Group Meeting

Meteorological services supporting agriculture

  • Online

The eighth session of the Arab Climate Outlook Forum (ArabCOF) and the fifth session of the Gulf Cooperation Council Climate Outlook Forum is being held virtually from 6 to 7 December 2021. Within this framework, ESCWA, with its partners the World Meteorological Organization and the League of Arab States (LAS), is organizing a workshop on enhancing the capacity of meteorological services to meet the needs of the agriculture sector. In advance of this meeting, ESCWA has produced a paper identifying local climate data gaps and guidelines on the use of climate data for improving agricultural productivity for selected agricultural communities.

Representatives from Arab meteorological offices and partners are presenting current and anticipated conditions in their region, as well as providing updates on climate monitoring and assessments. Participants are discussing the verification of previous ArabCOF climate outlooks and preparation of upcoming seasonal forecasts for the entire Arab region.

ArabCOF was established in 2017, following a decision by the Executive Office of the Council of Ministers responsible for Meteorology and Climate, under LAS. It has been generating outputs on seasonal forecasts twice a year and undertaking regional climate change assessments. ArabCOF experts discuss climate information needs and meteorological services for different sectors.

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