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Committee on Water Resources, 9th session


The aim of the current session is to provide a formal forum for discussion of the challenges and obstacles confronting the region in the field of water resources. The session will review the progress achieved towards the preparation of a regional vulnerability assessment of climate change impacts on the water resources sector within the Arab region.  The session will also review the process followed to develop the regional initiative for monitoring of progress of water and sanitation MDGs within the Arab region (MDG+). A report will be presented clarifying the criteria and justification for each of the additional indicators, as well as clarification of the definitions and terminology used within the global monitoring program, namely the Joint Monitoring program (JMP), managed jointly by UNICEF and WHO.  Member countries will be presented with a report that reviews the development of the regional legal framework for shared water in the Arab region, including, the mandate, regional institutional development, and a description of the proposed two phase approach to develop the legal framework.

The current session also aims at following up the implementation of the recommendations made by the Committee on Water Resources at its eighth session and of resolutions adopted by ESCWA at its twenty-sixth sessions.  In addition, it will acquaint member countries with the proposed programme of work of ESCWA for the biennium 2012-2013 in the field of water resources.