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Second Meeting: Task Force on Population and Housing Census for Arab Countries in 2020 Census Round

Cairo, Egypt
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The UN-ESCWA Statistical Committee at its eleventh session, Amman, 4-5 February 2015 asked ESCWA to and its member countries to revive the Task Force on Population and Housing in the Arab countries. The Committee asked ESCWA to coordinate the Task Force activities in cooperation with international and regional related organizations to assist the Arab countries to implement their population census during the period 2015-2024.

To complement regional efforts and in response to the recommendations of the first meeting of the Committee,  the Statistics Division at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing, in collaboration with the Egyptian Central Bureau of Statistics, and UNFPA regional Office, the second meeting of  the Task Force team on population and housing census  for the Arab countries on 22-23 January 2017 in Cairo.

The second Task Force meeting on Population and housing census for Arab countries in 2020 census round aims at discussion the use of technology in, mutli-mod methods of population census data gathering, registers based census, dissemination and use of data. It will discuss the TF workplan of 2017. The meeting will discuss the census related issues including the linkage between census data and Sustunable Develeopement Indicators. 

Information Note

Country Presentations
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Background Documents

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Record-Linkage Studies
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Note: Additional documents in Arabic available on the Arabic page