Training on quantitative analysis in social protection - ESCWA
21-25 November 2021

Training on quantitative analysis in social protection

  • Amman, Jordan
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ESCWA is organizing two simultaneous training workshops on quantitative analysis in support of evidence-based policymaking in social protection" for the staff at the National Aid Fund (NAF) in Jordan.

The first mandatory training workshop will train participants on how to use the Social Protection Program - Rapid Assessment Framework (SPP-RAF), which integrates high volumes of administrative data produced by social assistance programmes into a decision-making process that allows for the continuous updating and improvement of these programmes in terms of their effectiveness, targeting and coverage. The analytical framework is comprised of four stages: profiling of beneficiaries, targeting, coverage evaluation and beneficiary evaluation. The workshop aims to strengthen the capacity of technical experts and allow them to deliver systematic ongoing quantitative analysis of the programme’s database and make data-driven policy recommendations about beneficiary databases, targeting and programme evaluation. Moreover, it will allow them to derive evidence that can be provided to decision makers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of social assistance programmes. 

The second training of trainers (TOT) workshop will allow participants to examine SPP-RAF in-depth and undertake additional exercises related to what was learnt in the first workshop. After attending the TOT, participants will be able to train other NAF employees. 

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