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Innovation Policies for SDGs in the Arab Region

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Amman, Jordan
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In collaboration with seven United Nations Agencies, namely UNDESA, UNIDO, UNESCO, UNCTAD, ITU, WIPO and UNU-Merit, ESCWA is organizing a capacity building workshop on Innovation Policies for SDGs, in Amman during the period 15-19 April 2018.
The workshop will focus on:

  • The systemic nature of innovation and innovation policy;
  • Various components of an innovation policy, especially the distinction between financial and non-financial instruments and their impacts;
  • Importance of policies for increasing the supply of technically trained human resources for R&D and other innovation activities;
  • Collection and presentation of conventional indicators, which will be used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of specific instruments of innovation policies; 
  • New innovation indicators, such as community innovation surveys, while understanding the limitations of replicating such efforts in developing countries; and
  • Integration of evaluation into the actual design of innovation policies.

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