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Capacity Building: Open Government and Emerging Technologies in the Arab Region

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Beirut, Lebanon
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This workshop will build the capacities of government officials on open government for enhancing accountability and developing participatory approaches in public institutions.

Based on the ESCWA four-phased framework on open government, this workshop will provide participants with knowledge, options, tools and actions to develop and implement open government initiatives in the Arab region, especially related to open data and participation.
Rapid technological changes are pushing government to develop its internal processes, advance its services beyond e-government services. New digital technologies are bringing more options for effectiveness, transparency, service delivery and engagement with citizens. Therefore, the workshop will look at new technological trends, their use and potential impact on public service.
Developing and implementing open government initiatives and adopting new technological trends requires changes to long-standing systems, changes in the way governments think and changes in the way citizens perceive their responsibility and role in governance. Innovation, as a driver of change and development, can help in achieving change in the public sector.  This workshop will examine the innovation approaches to improve efficiency and develop public sector services.
This workshop is the second regional workshop organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) under the broader Development Account project entitled "Institutional development for better service delivery towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals in Western Asia" which was launched in 2016.

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