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that, should remittance transfer costs be reduced to 3% as mandated by the , the region would save up to $16 billion worth of additional development finance by 2030? Stay tuned tomorrow, Conference on Financing

According to , following the global economic downturn & political change in the region, foreign direct investment inflows decreased since 2008 by 60%. This is hardly the sustainable financing the region seeks to implement . Find out more

If the current trends of net cross-border flows are maintained, the region would need $2.3 trillion in development finance to achieve the by 2030, in addition to the cost of the SDGs themselves previously estimated at $3.6 trillion. More:

that the region on aggregate remained a net lender to int'l banks and foreign non-financial institutions with a net total stock of outflows amounting to US$223.3 billion by 2016? Conference on Financing on 28-29 Nov in  

Next week, Acting chief, Senior Vice President, Sec. Gen., Vice President of the Court of Cassation in , Chairman of the G77&China, Egyptian & Lebanese Finance Ministers will open the Conference on Financing

Average financial outflows associated with illicit financial flows in the form of trade misinvoicing are estimated at $42.8 billion/year. See how conference on financing seeks to find innovative solutions to finance  

that for every $1 gained from remittances, the region loses $2.8, and for every $1 gained annually from external debt, it loses $1.5 on debt repayments? & international experts will discuss this & how to curb illicit flows on 28 Nov.

Private capital constraints & increased exposures to illicit are among the key challenges facing the Arab region. & international stakeholders will try to look deeper into how to curb illicit financial flows & finance on 28-29Nov