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Working study: Syrian constitution - National Agenda for the Future of Syria

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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) launched the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS) program to create a platform to engage Syrians in discussions about the future and the vision for post conflict transition in Syria. Since 2012, Syrians from all walks of life have positively and constructively debated governance, social and economic issues to construct a vision for their country. More than 1,000 Syrian experts engaged in the process of consensus-building to develop workable scenarios to address the post-conflict challenges Syria and its people face. Through this process a study on the Syrian Constitution was produced.
The constitution was the most debated topic among the Syrian experts because it was considered one of the root causes of the crisis and addressing the issue is the key to a bright Syrian future and serves as the basis for a new social contract. The outcomes of the meetings and workshops were recommendations for the mechanisms and principles that should be included in the Constitution. The recommendations and scenario options honor the Syrian national experience, aspirations of Syrian citizens, the history of Syria and international standards.  The findings of the Syrian Constitution Study are not a substitute for any political discussions nor do they impose solutions or undermine the legitimacy of any stakeholder  – the drafting of the constitution is in the hands of the Syrian people and the Syrian people will shape the future of their country.

This process is an ongoing debate and will continue to evolve in order to reflect the needs of Syria and its people.