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External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region, No. 26

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The secretariat of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is pleased to present the twenty-sixth issue of the External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region. The Bulletin includes data and statistical indicators on the international trade in goods of ESCWA member countries, based primarily on national sources and on secondary sources where needed.

The External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region aims to provide complete detailed international merchandise trade data on ESCWA member countries for the users of such statistics, including planners and researchers at the national, regional and international levels.

The Bulletin is divided into three parts:

Part I includes summary tables on the trends of overall trade in the region, its annual growth and its share of total world trade and detailed data on the trends of imports, exports and balance of trade for member countries for the period 2007-2016.

Part II provides summary of the external trade of ESCWA member countries that include major trading partners, products traded, balance of trade and selected indicators concerning trade shares of gross national product, diversification and trade openness. It also provides data on the trends of foreign trade of ESCWA member countries, disaggregated by country and region, for the period 2012-2016. Tables, however, do not cover the Syrian Arab Republic due to the lack of detailed data on foreign trade. Data cover the value of imports and exports of ESCWA member countries by major countries and economic groupings, in line with the practices of the United Nations Statistics Division and other international organizations.

Part III presents the values of intraregional trade in ESCWA member countries in a series of tables. These tables underline the importance of intraregional trade as part of total world trade, identify the trade network within the region and provide a concise reflection of the structure of intraregional trade according to the main sections of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). Trade in crude oil has been excluded from the data in this part in order to show the structure of intraregional trade in non-oil merchandise.