Inter-Regional Report on Labour Migration and Social Protection - ESCWA



ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/SDD/2013/Technical paper.2

Publication Type: Reports & studies

Cluster: 2030 Agenda and SDG Coordination

Focus Area: Inclusive development, Population dynamics & migration, Governance & enabling environment, Future of employment, Statistics

Initiatives: Reforming social protection systems

SDGs: Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Keywords: Arab countries, Bangladesh, Civil society, Domestic workers, Government policy, Human rights, Labour mobility, Legal aspects, Migration policy, Recommendations, Social development, Social security

Inter-Regional Report on Labour Migration and Social Protection

January 2013

This report provides an overview of the human rights issues associated with international migration from the ESCAP to the ESCWA region. It also looks at the abuse of migrant rights in the country origin and the sponsorship system that regulates their lives from ESCAP countries in the GCC countries. Moreover, this report discusses the relevant international conventions that protect migrant domestic workers, the legal framework within which they live and work as well as the ratification of the International Labour Organization Convention on Domestic Workers.

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Inclusive development , Population dynamics & migration , Governance & enabling environment , Future of employment , Statistics
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