Status of the Digital Arabic Content Industry in the Region - ESCWA



ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/ICTD/2012/Technical paper.4

Publication Type: Reports & studies

Cluster: Statistics, Information Society and Technology

Focus Area: Technology & innovation

Initiatives: Digital Arabic Content

Keywords: Arab countries, Arabic language, Communication technology, Digital technology, Education, Government policy, Information technology, Partnership, Recommendations, Training programmes

Status of the Digital Arabic Content Industry in the Region

January 2012

The study consists of four sections and a preview, in which, an account of ESCWA contributions to the subject of digital Arabic content since 2003 is summarized. Section I deals with definition of the two major sectors which provide the feed for digitization: the media content and the creative sectors, with large portions of both sectors being digitized, or are available for digitization in the future. Section I also provides an overview of the global status of digital content. Section II addresses the economic aspects of the DAC market. It provides an overview of the regional status of DAC, its structure and segmentation, estimation of the content market and other related topics. Section III deals with issues related to the industry’s enabling environment, such as investments, government roles and policy, education and training, and partnership and collaboration. Section IV summarises a number of conclusions and proposes a list of recommendations which were found important to bring to the attention of the reader

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