Status of Transport Statistics in the Arab Region cover

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/CL4.SIT/2020/WP.1

Country: Arab region

Publication Type: Working papers

Cluster: Statistics, Information Society and Technology

Focus Area: Statistics

Initiatives: Transport statistics

SDGs: Agenda 2030

Keywords: Statistics, Sustainable transport, Traffic safety, Transport statistics

Status of transport statistics in the Arab region

January 2020

The main purpose of this technical paper is to provide an analysis of the responses received in the questionnaire on transport data which was sent to the national statistical offices in the Arab countries in 2009 covering the period 2005-201. The paper documents the results, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of member countries’ selected transport data and provides analysis to ensure that the data meets regional and international standards. The paper concludes with a set of recommendations directed to national statistical offices and the ESCWA secretariat on the way forward.

The analysis consists of a by-country analysis with the following criteria: Mechanisms of production and dissemination of transport data; Sources and entities involved in the production of transport data; Transport data availability and completeness according to transport modalities (road, road safety, railway transport, maritime transport, air transport and multimodal transport) for the years 2005-2018; Conformity of the terms used with United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE) and ESCWA glossaries on transport data; Provision of sources of data and metadata.

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