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Trade performance and structure profiles: Sudan

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This profile takes stock of the trade performance and structure of Sudan since 2012. In addition to aggregate trends in trade and foreign direct investment, a wide range of trade indicators are calculated specially for this profile using highly detailed product level data, making it a novel set of trade indicators for Sudan and the Arab region. The analysis reveals that Sudan’s performance in merchandise and services trade and attracting foreign direct investment has been subpar and appears to be deteriorating as of late. 

Sudan’s merchandise exports and imports have been losing their relative importance since 2013 and its trade in services has not only been meager but has been declining. Sudan has not been particularly successful in attracting FDI, with net FDI inflows mostly declining since 2012. Main destinations for Sudan’s exports have been PAFTA countries, as well as China, India and Japan. PAFTA and sub-Saharan African countries hold relatively favorable prospects for the exports of Sudan, which have been diversified to some extent.