Strategy, planning, accountability, results & knowledge - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Strategy, planning, accountability, results & knowledge

The Strategy, Planning, Accountability, Results, Knowledge (SPARK) team strives to support ESCWA in its drive to become a place of choice and centre of excellence in knowledge and well informed solutions.

It acts as an innovative catalyst for ESCWA to provide informed policies, action-oriented recommendations and new analysis and learning tools to achieve the vision and mission of ESCWA.

The SPARK team provides advice to the Executive Secretary in developing strategies and plans under which people, process and technologies are well aligned; and strategic, operational and support functions work in a complementary way to attain measurable results,

SPARK functions include:

  • Foresight analysis consistent with the new ESCWA business model
  • Reviews, project evaluation and implementation of lessons learned
  • Knowledge sharing culture
  • Secretariat of the Academic Network for Development Dialogue (ANDD)
  • Targeted and client-oriented data analysis.





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