Arab SDG Gateway

The Arab SDG Gateway aims to improve countries’ statistical capacity and foster regional collaboration on data and statistics It provides easy access to data, metadata and applications to monitor and report on the SDGs by: 

  • Improving the measurement, use and dissemination of SDG indicators;  

  • Strengthening the implementation of data collection operations at the national level;  

  • Facilitating cross-country learning and identifying techniques for evidence-based policymaking;  

  • Providing open access to a broad range of capacity-building tools and resources, including knowledge materials, online learning and training, and interactive visuals on the SDGs;  

  • Tracking the COVID-19 pandemic through an interactive platform that presents the policy responses of governments and central banks in 194 countries. 

Last updated: Apr 2024
Launched: Dec 2018

Cluster: 2030 Agenda and SDG Coordination

Focus Area: 2030 Agenda

Initiatives: Monitoring Sustainable Development Goal Data

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