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Mashreq Waters Knowledge Series: Disruptive Technologies for Improved Groundwater Management in the Mashreq Region

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ESCWA with the support of the World Bank will be organizing a meeting on Disruptive Technologies for Improved Groundwater Management in the Mashreq Region during the period from 15 to 17 June 2021.

The meeting aims to identify challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches for utilizing disruptive technologies for improved groundwater resources management in the Mashreq region. The discussions will benefit from the World Bank Mashreq Groundwater Disruptive Technologies e-book that examines available disruptive technologies and their use for improving groundwater resources management.
The meeting will allow professionals to also exchange experiences and best practices to support peer-to-peer learning and improve capacity in a range of areas, including use of disruptive technologies for monitoring groundwater resources, data management, analysis and visualization, and groundwater knowledge frameworks.
Finally, the meeting will also present examples of disruptive technologies from around the globe that have improved groundwater resources management in view of identifying potential opportunities for drawing upon these innovative tools that could be beneficial for the Mashreq region.

Additional Resources 
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