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Gender and renewable energy network

Women in rural areas of the Arab region face diverse challenges in relation to participation in the labour force and accessing economic opportunities. The use of small-scale renewable energy will contribute to diminishing these challenges, improving the living and working conditions of rural women, enhancing water and food security, improving health and environmental sustainability, and building entrepreneurial skills.

The Regional Initiative to Promote Small–Scale Renewable Energy Applications in Rural Areas of the Arab Region (REGEND) was launched by ESCWA in 2018. A core objective of the Initiative is the establishment of a gender-focused network on energy and entrepreneurial skills in rural development. This network aims to increase awareness and understanding of energy needs and small-scale renewable energy technologies with the integration of gender considerations. This network also aims to monitor and ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of REGEND.

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    The gender and renewable energy network includes:

    • Events and meetings on renewable energy and rural development with a gender focus;
    • Capacity-building workshops and training for rural women on the topics of energy, entrepreneurship, rural development, and best practices in productive activities;
    • Reports and publications focusing on women’s empowerment and gender equality through renewable energy and entrepreneurship;
    • Forming and maintaining links to key stakeholders operating in the field of renewable energy and rural development, including rural practitioners, research centres and academics
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