Youth policy toolbox

ESCAP, ECA and ESCWA are developing the Youth Policy Toolbox to enhance information sharing, communication, and collaboration among policymakers and young people.

Capitalizing on the power of today’s information communication technologies as well as drawing on ESCAP, ECA and ESCWA’s  previous experience in building such platforms, such as the Social Protection Toolbox, the Youth Toolbox acts as a repository of knowledge, experiences, and good practices, with the aim of providing policymakers with a comprehensive resource facility for developing inclusive and responsive youth policies in a process that optimizes engagement of youth-led organizations. It strives to engage the participation of a range of stakeholders, increasing the amount and diversity of knowledge and views.

The Youth Policy Toolbox also aims to be interactive through the inclusion of training modules, opinion polls, and message postings.  Each of these levels are specifically tailored to the needs of policymakers and youth, so that relevant content for both parties is available. The Toolbox also provides a contact database of all relevant United Nations bodies/agencies, government ministries, and youth organizations, providing users with a practical means of finding more information and becoming further involved. Through these means, it is hoped that knowledge is being enhanced and learning and sharing of experiences takes place.

Last updated: Dec 2017
Launched: Jan 2017

Initiatives: Young people

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