Evidence-based decision-making for urban change - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
26 October 2022

Beirut time


Evidence-based decision-making for urban change

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Under the umbrella of the project on building urban economic resilience during and after covid-19, and as part of Urban October, ESCWA is co-organizing with UN-Habitat a virtual workshop on “evidence-based decision-making for urban change”.

The workshop addresses the steps for engaging in voluntary local reviews (VLRs), how they influence evidence-based decision-making, and the challenges encountered in the process. Through two panels, it showcases the experiences of three cities, Amman (Jordan), Agadir (Morocco), and Maseru (Lesotho), that have strengthened their data-monitoring and reporting capacities by conducting VLRs and using the Urban Monitoring Framework.

The panels feature experts and representatives that highlight the efforts in localizing the SDGs and following up on their implementation.

Outcome document

The effective use of data is one of the most important means of implementing the New Urban Agenda.

Data collection is especially powerful when it is tailored to local contexts and forms the foundations of evidence-based decision making that leads to positive change in urban policy

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