Implementing the 2021 PPP production cycle in the United Arab Emirates - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
23-27 May 2022

Implementing the 2021 PPP production cycle in the United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai

This event tackles purchasing power parity (PPP) production in the Arab region and aims to empower the United Arab Emirates team with training on price data collection and validation for the different kinds of price surveys.

ESCWA computes annual PPP estimates for the Arab region, placing it as a pioneer in the field and as an example for the other regions to follow. ESCWA is currently computing its 2021-2022 PPPs and is conducting a technical cooperation mission for the United Arab Emirates’ federal competitiveness and statistics centre to provide training on the implementation of national activities for the production of 2021 PPPs. The mission aims at:

  • Presenting a definition of PPPs, introducing its concepts and its requirements;
  • Providing an overview of the history and evolution of the International Comparison Program, which produces PPPs;
  • Presenting the major uses and applications of PPPs, especially for the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Presenting the different price surveys, namely household consumption, including private education and housing rentals, government compensation, and gross fixed capital formation consisting of machinery, equipment and construction
  • Explaining the price data validation process;
  • Elaborating the PPP computation methodology at the elementary aggregate level;
  • Clarifying the PPP aggregation process;
  • Providing insights on the global linking of regional PPPs;
  • Providing a quick overview of PPP calculation in non-participating countries;
  • Presenting the Arab region’s PPP computation methodology for interim years;
  • Conducting a hands-on exercise session for the further understanding of PPPs, their computation and their uses;
  • Dedicating a training day on the use of the special software module for household consumption price data entry and validation, along with training on filling the household consumption master list and creation of a database;
  • Presenting the framework, classification, compilation and validation process of national accounts gross domestic product expenditure data used as price weights;
  • Developing a roadmap for the launch of another round of sub-national PPP computation in the United Arab Emirates.

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