Launching the Voluntary Local Review of the City of Amman - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
5-6 October 2022

Launching the Voluntary Local Review of the City of Amman

  • Amman, Jordan
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This workshop is part of the inter-regional cooperation for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda project. It launches the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) of the city of Amman, Jordan and its key messages and development details, and aims to build the capacity of local authorities and key stakeholders in developing VLRs.

During the two-day event, the guiding principles and phases of the VLR development process are being introduced, with particular emphasis on challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt.

On the second day, the VLR of the city of Amman is being formally launched, with the summary and key highlights of the review being showcased. The launch includes a panel discussion on how to further strengthen local-national policy development dialogue, the importance of localized reporting on Sustainable Development Goals, and considers governance mechanisms and the means to foster local-national inter-sectoral development dialogue.

Outcome document

  • An evidence-based policy and decision-making process is essential for the successful transformation to a more sustainable Amman across all sectors, including health care, energy, industrial development, urban and transport planning, and beyond.
  • Amman’s objective to become a smart and sustainable city can be realized through the reinforced commitment to the SDGs among municipal leaders and demonstrated through action; a dedication to improving the alignment of the municipal operations with the SDGs, including in relation to budgeting and resource allocation, which have the potential to be tied to the SDGs through SDG Budgeting.
  • Amman is ready to improve its sustainability governance through close work with national government and international community, improve resource allocation for capacity building and urban infrastructure, and developing and testing new approaches and methodologies for stakeholder consultations and participatory planning that leaves no one behind.
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