Localization and implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Regional Commissions high-level meeting - ESCWA
28 April 2022

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Localization and implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Regional Commissions high-level meeting

  • UN Headquarters, NY
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This high-level meeting is part of the Inter-Regional Cooperation on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) project. It aims to share successful best practices and forward-looking solutions for bolstering the role of urban professionals, local authorities and national State bodies in localizing and implementing the NUA, which were developed by the five Regional Economic Commissions in collaboration with local authorities and national State bodies. These best practices and solutions offer new approaches, which: 

  • Contribute to positioning the NUA strategically as a road map for accelerating sustainable development, climate action and societal resilience, and building peaceful, inclusive and participatory societies
  • Spotlight the importance of cities and transformative actions identified in the NUA in ensuring a more just, sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Foster dialogue on the urban dimension of nationally determined contributions and climate resilience and adaption.
  • Encourage the launch of multi-stakeholder partnerships to promote affordable housing and end homelessness as part of investments in jobs and social protection
  • Highlight institutional mechanisms for engaging mayors in intergovernmental and national planning and implementation processes
  • Contribute to building momentum for partnerships on scaled-up and predictable financing for sustainable infrastructure and urban basic services, strengthening the mobilization of endogenous resources.

Outcome document

The meeting ended up with a series of recommendations and key messages as follows:

During the General Assembly High-Level meeting the Regional Commissions highlighted their work in relation to the NUA, and numerous studies and policy papers published in the past couple of years. A Regional Commissions report on the progress on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda (2019-2022) was also produced to highlight the need for developing and implementing urban policies that promotes cooperation among local-national government and builds multi-stakeholder partnerships to enable them to achieve sustainable integrated urban development, and to strengthen urban and territorial planning to best utilize the spatial dimension of the urban form and deliver the urban advantage.

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