New Urban Agenda implementation project in Agadir - ESCWA
8 December 2021

Beirut time


New Urban Agenda implementation project in Agadir

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The meeting launches the “Inter-Regional Cooperation on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda” at the national and local levels in Morocco and informs the urban development stakeholders of its objectives, activities, expected outputs, and the time-frame of its implementation.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda will also be discussed.

The meeting also identifies the challenges of urban development in Agadir, Morocco. The related national and local urban policies will be discussed so as to reach agreement on the project's outputs.

Outcome document

• Identification of national and local priorities related to urban development in Agadir and Morocco specifically

• Establish a communication mechanism with relevant stakeholders that will continue throughout the life of the project

• Develop methodologies/guidelines to support policy makers in developing integrated policies that include monitoring and follow-up mechanisms to promote sustainable urban development

• Identify monitoring and follow-up tools that can be used in line with the urban development priorities that have been identified at the national and local levels

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