Roadmap for establishing a social incubator in Qatar - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
13 September 2022

Beirut time


Roadmap for establishing a social incubator in Qatar

  • Doha, Qatar
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ESCWA and the NAMA Social Development Center in Qatar are organizing a national consultation for establishing a social incubator in Qatar. The consultation gathers together various stakeholders in Qatari social entrepreneurship and aims to:

  • Provide an overview of a social incubator roadmap and discuss its relevance, strategic goals and management model
  • Collect feedback from participants to finalize the roadmap and submit it to NAMA for implementation
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to share their own experience and lessons learned within their entrepreneurial journeys
  • Identify potential collaboration opportunities between different stakeholders 

Outcome document

  • Establishing a competition on social entrepreneurship ideas and innovations (for example, the work of the Injaz Foundation in Qatar) to raise awareness on  social entrepreneurship .
  • The use of modern and popular media platforms to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship  among youth
  • organizing short awareness sessions to spread the concept of social entrepreneurship before initiating the  incubator
  • Using creativity and innovation as means to spread social entrepreneurship ideas
  • Defining specific goals that can inspire youth and guide them in the design of their social entrepreneurship projects
  • Benefit from the previous experiences on successful incubators and social entrepreneurship projects in  other GCC countries
  • Expanding the incubator's outreach and services to a larger audience of youth and not just those already engaged in NAMA programs.
  • Raising the awareness of concerned official authorities on the  social incubator and enhance their capacities in improving the social entrepreneurship ecosystem

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