Strengthening the Dialogue on Competition - ESCWA
9 December 2021

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Strengthening the Dialogue on Competition

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ESCWA, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) came together for an informal virtual meeting with Arab country representatives. Participants presented the activities carried out during the year to improve competition and consumer protection in the Arab region. They also discussed the activities planned for the coming year.

The meeting featured a presentation of ESCWA’s Arab Business Legislative Framework report and the Arab Legislative Portal. There were also discussions of the technical paper on competition reform using computable general equilibrium (CGE) models.

Outcome document

ESCWA, along with the OECD and UNCTAD, reported on the activities carried out during the year on Strengthening Competition in the Arab region and announced the planned activities for 2022. Representatives from Competition and Planning bodies across the region were present to gain insights about joint activities and share their feedback on the reported activities, as well as those introduced for the upcoming year.

Professor Jenny pointed out the tremendous impact of COVID on the region and around the world on the economies of the region and noted, that developing sound competition regimes and regional integration will be key to the overall recovery.

He continued by introducing the OECD, UNESCWA, and UNCTAD 2018 joint initiative to support reform and help countries in MENA strengthen their competition regimes.

Finally, Mr. Ferrandi, Competition Expert from the OECD, introduced ESCWA’s joint activity with the OECD-GVH on translating Competition Concepts videos into Arabic to increase the knowledge and spread awareness on the topic across the region.

  • Miss Khaled, Economic Affairs Officer at ESCWA, shared the activities completed during the year, such as the Technical Paper on Trade and Competition, the launch of the Arab Legislation Portal (ALP), and the publication of the Arab Business Legislative Framework (ABLF). She continued by reporting the planned activities for 2022, which include the publication of a Technical Paper on trade and competition reforms and a case study for Kuwait.
  • Miss Moreira, continued by reporting UNCTAD activities. Finally, Mr. Kechida, Competition Expert from the OECD, shared that the organization will focus on Tunisia, with a competition assessment and peer review.

Miss Nathalie Khaled reported on the

Joint activities completed in 2021, including the Joint Competition Forum, hosted virtually by Egypt the 23-24 March 2021, and the Webinar on Competitive Neutrality on the 24 November 2021. Miss Lynn Robertson, continued by announcing the OECD initiative on translating key OECD documents into Arabic.

Miss Khaled continued by outlining the planned activities for 2022, which include the Joint Competition Forum hosted virtually by Oman 24-25 May 2021, the Arab Competition Dialogues webinars, the Online course on Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement, and an E-Procurement project for strengthening the resilience of MSMEs.


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