Training Workshop on Agricultural Green Technologies - ESCWA
6-14 July 2021

Training Workshop on Agricultural Green Technologies

  • Qab Elias, Bekaa, Lebanon

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the municipality of Qab Elias, the Agri-Food Technical Institute of Qab Elias,  and the “SAWA Association for Development” (a local NGO) is organizing a 4 days training workshop on green agricultural technologies in the Bekaa Valley, the main agriculture region in Lebanon. This workshop will include capacity building activities that target local women cooperatives working in the agri-food sector in the Bekaa region. The training workshop will introduce participants to five affordable, easy to use green technologies by local cooperatives working in agri-food business, with a focus on solar dryers.

The workshop will cover the following topics:  

1st day (6 July): Introduction to green technologies

2nd day (7 July): Food Processing using Solar Dryers

3rd day (13 July): Innovation and Creativity in Food Processing

4th day (14 July): Food Safety in Solar Drying

A Buyers-Sellers meeting will follow this training workshop on the afternoon of the 4th day (for more information kindly visit its dedicated event page).

At the end of the workshop, targeted beneficiaries would be:

  • Aware of affordable and easy to use green technologies
  • Aware of and able to use solar dryers to produce several products demanded in the market
  • Capable of adopting new recipes using dried products and diversify their production
  • Exposed to effective marketing techniques (conventional and digital) to increase their sales
  • Capable of selecting most suitable local vegetables and fruits for drying to maximize profits
  • Able to utilize modern techniques of food safety, which expand the shelf life and quality of their products.
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