15 October 2021

Beirut time


Urban economic resilience and recovery in Beirut

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This workshop, which falls within the "Building Urban Economic Resilience during and after COVID-19" project, discusses policy recommendations based on the results of the diagnosis undertaken to assess the performance of Beirut's urban economic resilience.

It also discusses the draft plan for building urban economic recovery and resilience prepared for Beirut with relevant stakeholders.

Proposed specified actions, responsibilities and resources across the capacity areas identified in the previous phases of the project, including financial resilience, are being determined.

Discussions also include needed institutional arrangements and the legal and regulatory requirements necessary for the implementation of local resilience strategies.

Outcome document

  • To recover and build urban economic resilience, the city of Beirut needs to exert efforts at the level of the different dimension of urban economic resilience, namely, business environment, financial environment, labour market conditions, economic governance and basic infrastructure and connectivity
  • The diagnostic and planning tool for urban recovery and resilience includes 5 dimensions, 17 indicators and 63 sub-indicators. Proposed improvements for each of the areas assessed will be included in the Economic Resilience Building Plan for Beirut. The discussion indicated that additional measures could be added and that the experience of implementing the tool in Beirut could be transferred to other cities in Lebanon.
  • The Economic Resilience Building Plan for Beirut will help in planning for urban economic resilience. It will discuss lessons learned, public-private partnerships, cost effectiveness of proposed measures, legislative reforms needed for improved governance, and others.

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