Guidelines to Estimate the Economic Cost of Domestic Violence in the Arab region cover

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/ECW/2019/TP.3

Country: Arab region, Arab Republic of Egypt, State of Palestine

Publication Type: Training material

Cluster: Gender Justice, Population and Inclusive Development

Focus Area: Gender equality

Initiatives: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls

SDGs: Goal 5: Gender Equality

Keywords: Arab countries, Domestic violence, Gender equality, Guidelines, Technical cooperation, Economic aspects, United kingdom, Women's rights, Guidelines, Case studies, Cost analysis

Guidelines to estimate the economic cost of domestic violence in the Arab region

January 2019

These guidelines are intended for government officials, programme managers and researchers looking to estimate the costs of domestic violence in the Arab region. They are designed to enable users to understand the purpose of costing studies and the steps required to undertake a costing exercise in the users’ country.

The guidelines are divided into three parts. The first part details the purpose and importance of costing domestic violence, with a focus on the Arab region, as well as the recommended steps to take when conducting a costing study. The second part outlines how to translate the research findings into concrete actions to ensure impact. The third and final part presents four case studies from a selection of countries which have successfully undertaken or are in the process of undertaking costing studies.

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