Regional Initiative for Promoting Small-Scale Renewable Energy Applications in Rural Areas of the Arab Region (REGEND): Policy Toolkit

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/CL1.CCS/2021/TOOLKIT.1

Country: Arab region

Publication Type: Training material

Cluster: Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability

Focus Area: Natural resource sustainability

Initiatives: REGEND

SDGs: Agenda 2030

Keywords: Renewable resources, Renewable energy sources, Rural development, Gender, Laws and regulations, Empowerment

Regional initiative for promoting small-scale renewable energy applications in rural areas of the Arab region (REGEND): Policy Toolkit

July 2022

This policy toolkit was developed within the framework of the Regional Initiative to Promote Small-Scale Renewable Energy Applications in Rural Areas of the Arab Region (REGEND). It aims at providing guidelines for policymakers to integrate small-scale renewable energy in rural development in the Arab region.

The policy toolkit tackles the challenges and opportunities of the creation of markets for electricity using small-scale renewable energy technologies in rural communities across Arab countries. It also discusses policy options, guidelines for financing, innovative incentive mechanisms, best practices for facilitating the dissemination and use of small-scale renewable energy technologies for enhanced livelihood and gender equality in rural areas through entrepreneurial activities, respect of human rights and gender mainstreaming within an integrated approach. The toolkit also explains how rural women can benefit significantly from the introduction of small-scale renewable energy technologies, through improved access to education and health, modern digital communication, and new market opportunities related to improved access to technology and machinery.

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