Budget & Finance

Our primary objective is to contribute to a sound budgetary, financial and accounting management of the Organization by providing high-quality financial services to all our clients.

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Note that UN Secretariat clients can find additional information through iSeek.

Services we provide


  • Support programme budget preparation
  • Monitor and report on implementation of budgets
  • Implement budget redeployments
  • Act as a certifying authority for regular budget
  • Act as alternate certifying authority for programmes and prepare financial statements and reports for extrabudgetary funds, including Development Account projects as well as projects under the Regular Programme for Technical Cooperation
  • Provide budgetary and financial management advice, in line with United Nations financial rules and regulations
  • Review and clear agreements for extra-budgetary funds


  • Financial accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Month end accounting
  • Closure of accounts and end of year financial reports
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • Inventory accounting
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Compliance with IPSAS policy


  • Induction of new staff members
  • Preparation of regular and off-cycle payroll
  • Local entitlements
  • Final pay for departing staff
  • Pension fund reconciliation
  • Advances for salary and rental subsidies
  • Preparation of statements for taxable earnings
  • Staff support on payroll-related queries


  • Process payments to vendors, suppliers, consultants and institutional contractors
  • Approve and process payments on behalf of third parties
  • Process payments to meeting participants
  • Process staff entitlement claims
  • Undertake financial authorizations
  • Process Value Added Tax refund for official UN invoices and staff members at the P4 level and above

Integrated Cashier (Lebanon House Bank)

  • Staff bank account maintenance and guidance
  • Salary distribution (payment instructions for payroll)
  • Cash management and investment of funds
  • Disbursements, deposits and receipts
  • Service cash disbursement at meetings
  • Process local wire, check and cash payments
  • Liaise with treasury
  • Liaise with banks in Beirut, at UNHQ and with bank signatories
  • Perform monthly cash flow plan
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