Information & Communications Technology

The Information and Communications Technology Section provides services in the areas of infrastructure, network, information security, video conferencing, applications and web development, data analytics and reporting, expert advisory on technology innovation and partnerships. We also provide IT equipment, hardware and software support to our end users.

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ESCWA Regional Operational Services
Regional Operational Services portal

Note that UN Secretariat clients can find additional information through iSeek.

Services we provide

Network and Telecom Operations (data and voice)

  • Access to LAN/WAN/WiFi and Internet
  • Information security
  • Telephone management (billing, support, IP desktop and mobile)
  • VHF radio service
  • Virtual and physical servers management
  • Audio/video conferences, and live streaming
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity (in and off theatre)
  • Data storage and backup services
  • Email, collaboration and Microsoft cloud services

Customer Relationship Management

  • Integrated service desk
  • IT asset management
  • User support
  • ICT training

Applications and Database Management

  • Systems development and maintenance
  • Database management
  • Web design, development and hosting
  • Business intelligence and data visualization
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