High Level Meeting on the Yemen National Dialogue - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
11-12 June 2014

High Level Meeting on the Yemen National Dialogue

  • Beirut, Lebanon

The High-level Meeting on the Yemen National Dialogue was held in Beirut, on 11 and 12 June 2014.  The meeting was attended by ministers, deputies, senior officials and activists from Yemen, to discuss all social, political and economic pillars as framed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative which, in November 2011, led to the formation of a Government of national unity; a Military Committee for Establishing Safety and Security; the election of a new president; constitutional and electoral reform; and the National Dialogue Conference. The aim was to limit the risk of State collapse and a slide towards civil war, and discuss Arab experiences in specific areas that might pose challenges in the implementation of the decisions reached at the National Dialogue Conference.

Participants emphasized the need to follow up the meeting by assessing the guarantees put forward by participants at the National Dialogue Conference. They also stressed the importance of holding future meetings that would bring together representatives of the political and social components of the National Dialogue Conference, to discuss possible measures to facilitate political transition and implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes. They also affirmed the importance of promoting economic and political development.

Participants discussed the agenda items and shared their opinions and views. 



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