Operationalizing climate/SDGs debt swaps - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
13 April 2022

Beirut time


Operationalizing climate/SDGs debt swaps

  • Beirut, Lebanon
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Debt impacts countries’ abilities to respond to climate change challenges. Innovative financing solutions are needed to enable green sustainable development and post-pandemic recovery while not increasing the debt burden. Climate/Sustainable Development Goals (SFG) debt swaps and debt-for-nature swaps offer opportunities to redirect resources.

This webinar explores innovations in linking sovereign debt to climate and nature outcomes and enhancing the applicability of debt finance instruments by using the key performance indicators framework to guide governments towards green outcomes.

The webinar shares global guidance and regional frameworks for operationalizing debt swaps for the climate, nature and the SDGs. This includes the launching of the Arabic translation of the report “Linking sovereign debt to climate and nature outcomes – A guide for debt managers and environmental decision makers”, which was produced by the International Institute for Environment and Development and Protomap Group in partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ESCWA and the United Nations Development Programme.

This is complemented by an overview of the ESCWA Climate/SDGs Debt Swap and Donor Nexus Initiative for Arab states and the launch of the new ESCWA study “A regional framework for a debt swap mechanism and key performance indicators for climate action/SDGs progress in the Arab region”.

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