8-9 December 2014

Promoting a Safer Cyberspace in the Arab Region

  • Muscat, Oman

The main objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of decision-makers in governments and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Arab region on the procedural framework for implementing cybercrime law, combating cybercrime and enhancing cybersafety. It also addressed regional and international cooperation in support of the implementation of national and regional policies for the promotion of cybersafety in the Arab World.

A safe and reliable cyberspace is considered as one of the pillars of building trust in information and communication technologies (ICT), whether it is the Internet, e-services, or ICT applications. Building trust in cyberspace is crucial to further the Information Society and achieve overall socio-economic development. Unfortunately the benefits of cyberspace can potentially be marred by malicious activities that jeopardize the safety of systems, data, networks, and users.

With the ever-growing importance of cyberspace in daily life and the continuous development of new technologies that depend on it the effects of malicious acts could be devastating and far-reaching. As such, in order to safeguard and defend all sectors of the community against growing numbers of attacks levelled against it using cyberspace, it is important that national and regional stakeholders in the Arab region collaborate to develop measures to combat cybercrime and to promote and improve cybersafety so that they can protect not only their data networks and information, but also the citizenry. Cybercrime and the need for cyber safety is an issue that the nations of the region should not ignore.

Initiatives: Cyber Legislation

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