Second Arab Multidimensional Poverty Report Preparatory Discussion - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
27 October 2021

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Second Arab Multidimensional Poverty Report Preparatory Discussion

  • Amman, Jordan
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ESCWA is organizing an Expert Group Meeting in coordination with partner agencies UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, the League of Arab States (LAS), and the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative. It brings together a group of experts from UN and partner institutions to discuss the preparation and structure of the upcoming Second Arab Multidimensional Poverty Report, with additional input drawn from the LAS Ministerial Council meeting held in Amman on 25 October 2021.

The substantive discussion includes:

  • Applying the revised Arab multidimensional poverty index at the household level

  • Assessing child poverty using the Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis

  • Investigating poverty trends pre- and post-COVID-19, focusing on the least-developed and conflict-affected Arab countries

  • Policy recommendations

Outcome document

The meeting’s outcomes set the work plan for the next phase, including:

  • Final outline for the report (thoroughly discussed each chapter’s content)
  • Assigned focal points
  • Proposing a timeline for drafting the report

This session included a presentation on the preliminary results of the MPI and the harmonization techniques. It also discussed some key issues such as the need for an additional chapter to measure the COVID-19 impact.

It was also agreed that OPHI plays a key role in the overall review process and in providing inputs, especially on MPI section.

UNICEF discussed the preliminary MODA results and how they relate to the MPI and countries where there appear to be significant discrepancies. Access to data for Egypt 2018 Household Income and Expenditure Survey was also discussed.

This session included a discussion on how to handle LDCs and conflict affected countries in light of data limitations and in the context of the new structure of the report.

It was decided that UNDP would lead the preparation of this chapter with inputs from all agencies and particularly from UNFPA on covering the impact of COVID-19 in humanitarian settings.

The session focused on the policy side. It was decided that the UNDP will lead the final chapter where the focus will be on presenting adequate policy measures based on our analysis in the short term and medium term. The main orientation of the policy section is how the region can get on track to achieve the ambitious goal of halving the regional MPI by 2030.  Other key action points included:

  1. An additional chapter to be prepared on the impact of COVID-19 which will rely on dashboard data for the MPI indicators to be prepared by LAS and ESCWA.
  2. Need for further discussion on simulation methodology and whether or not to recruit a consultant to assess COVID-19 impact.
  3. Involve assigned report focal points in the technical discussions before the finalization of the first draft.
  4. Report Draft to be finalized by May to be submitted for review by high level representatives and report to be finalized and endorsed by LAS Ministerial Council by December 2022.

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