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Senior Level Workshop on Expanding Social Protection Schemes to the Rural Informal Sector

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ESCWA’s Social Development Division (SDD) is conducting a 5-day senior level workshop for national dialogue partners, in Sudan, from 22-26 February 2015, in cooperation with the Sudanese Ministry of Welfare and Social Security. The workshop’s objective is to explore innovative approaches to the expansion of social protection schemes to rural informal sector workers in Sudan, and to propose ways to formulate and implement social protections policies.  The workshop is organized in three different modules:

1.      Formulating a basic social protection package: key elements of a minimum social protection package for rural workers; options for expanding the fiscal space for social expenditure; health insurance coverage and inclusive health services in rural areas; non-contributory social security coverage for informal rural workers.

2.      Community-based health insurance: Public-private partnerships, with special focus on health care and health insurance providers; government regulation of health care and health insurance providers, including government outsourcing mechanisms to local communities in rural areas; key services to under-five children and their mothers, and rural access to nutrition, education, care, and other necessary goods and services.

3.      Micro-insurance and income-support for rural workers: options for the development and implementation of micro-insurance and decentralization of social security services; the potential role and participation of community based organizations and cooperatives in the provision of micro-insurance and microfinance; health insurance coverage for rural informal workers and complementary strategies to improve access to quality health care in rural areas; public-private partnerships to promote universal access of rural workers to basic social protection services.