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AUST Students Visit ESCWA, Learn about its Objectives and Programmes


A group of students of different majors from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) visited ESCWA on 19 May 2012, where they learned about the Commission’s objectives and programmes. Chief of ESCWA Social Participatory Development Section (SPDS) Maha Yahya briefed them on the role of ESCWA as one of the United Nations Regional Commissions and the opportunities and challenges facing the region. She focused on regional priority agenda items and the Commission’s work with civil society organizations. She also brought up the Arab Spring and how ESCWA is responding to changes in the region as well as the research being conducted on social networks.

Yahya also held a discussion with the students highlighting the major priorities and issues in the ESCWA Work programme, which have an impact on the policy making process in the region, in terms of capacity building and training; improving skills of individuals and governmental and non-governmental organizations; working in partnership with concerned ministries in the region; and providing advisory services to different member countries.

The students then toured the Commission’s Library, where ESCWA librarian Malik Tannir briefed them on the wealth of references and resources available for the benefit of students and scholars. The AUST students also visited the main conference hall and got briefed on how the meetings and conferences are held at ESCWA.