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ESCWA, Islamic Development Bank sign joint declaration on sustainable energy for all

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, 4 October 2018 (Communication and Information Unit)--The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) today signed a joint declaration to implement the objectives of the 7th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) related to affordable and clean energy.
The Director of the ESCWA Sustainable Development Policies Division, Roula Majdalani, who will soon assume duties as Acting Deputy Executive Secretary for Programme Support, highlighted the long-standing partnership with IDB in championing sustainable development in the region and how to address this matter at technical, economic, and financial levels.
Ms. Majdalani signed the declaration on behalf of ESCWA while her counterpart, Mohammed AlSayed, Manager of Economic Infrastructure, signed it on behalf of IDB.
Mr. AlSayed underscored that this step will pave the way for a strategic partnership to achieve “sustainable energy for all” (SEforAll) in the Middle East. He added that there is a clear partnership programme between IDB and ESCWA to implement the objectives of Goal 7 related to energy and hoped that this strategy expands to cover more areas in the future.
Ms. Majdalani said the joint declaration is an opportunity for liaison and rapprochement between the two entities in regard to energy as well as to other connected issues such as climate change, education, health, and the development of productive sectors particularly in a region that is facing water scarcity and food security challenges.
The joint declaration aims to provide support to the relevant countries in their assessment, preparation and implementation of national action plans related to their transitions to sustainable energy systems and reaching the targets of SDG 7. It also seeks to catalyse investments in energy access, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the provision of innovative financing, including through mobilizing bilateral and global funds.
The signing ceremony was attended by the Chief of the ESCWA Energy Section, Radia Sedaoui, the Chief of the ESCWA Water Section, Carol Chouchani, as well as Mongi Bida, First Economic Officer in the regional commission.


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