ESCWA at USJ CONNECT 2022: Companies on Campus - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

18 May 2022

ESCWA at USJ CONNECT 2022: Companies on Campus

ESCWA accepted the invitation of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) to participate in its career fair, Connect 2022: Companies on Campus. The goal of the event was to build bridges between current students, alumni and a diverse set of companies, organizations and entrepreneurs. The United Nations and USJ have a close professional relationship, which culminated in the two institutions signing a memorandum of understanding in 2010, dealing in particular with the preparation of translation and language specialists.

The ESCWA booth was very popular with attendees, who were curious about the steps to join the United Nations as staff or as interns, especially in the Conference Management Section. The students also enthusiastically participated in an interactive game to shed light on the organization’s mission and the particularities of working within it. In this game, they answered general questions on topics related to the United Nations and its various entities. Participants left the booth with answers to their questions and token gifts for their participation.

In addition to presentations and questions and answers, the event included training for interested students in how to succeed in professional interviews and how to draft CVs to increase their chances of finding a position.

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